Sunday, April 18, 2010

Victories at Animania, now on to Supanova!

Double victory at Animania again. Actually I wouldn't have won twice if I wasn't 'inspired' to draw again by this girl as I had actually resolved to quit after the themed one. Way to go, principals.

Anyway, this year I will try out Supanova, which has always been too difficult for me to win. My entry is the Zombie Rush picture. This took a bloody long time to draw and colour (a lot of scrapped ideas) and with my bloody eye it didn't help. Hope my printer will let me print it.

Anyway a couple of other pictures including the very androgynous (it's the 'IN' thing now in anime) Hideyoshi Kinoshita and a picture of Giant Kitsu (Chiri not Tane, whom I decalre my new waifu). Realised I haven't drawn a cityscape in a long time. Helped me partially for Animania, anyway.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Must stop bleeding

Ah, tired... who knew that the new year would start so vigorously?

I just can't come up with anything new... but there's a few games and models that interest me along the way.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you all.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Surprise bump!

Apologies to the one vocal person who still checks this blog, but work and life have kept me incredibly busy.

However, today I found something that could potentially help boost my colouring skills so I had to give it a whirl. What do you think?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Have you been bored at work?

Have you been bored at work recently?

Well, I took it upon myself to come up with some urban legends so that when I'm fired there'll at least be a nice legacy left behind.

So I came up with some illustrations of the little girl ghost that cries in the corner of the office and the ghost drifting over the nearby necropolis. Ah, too bad Halloween is still far away.

Manifest 09 is coming up soon but I'm just a bit lethargic about it this year. Somehow I just haven't progressed that much further in life.

Anyway... surprise update.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Manifest ending has left me in DESPAIR!!!


Yes another Manifest has come and gone. This time I managed to garner the courage to get a costume together of the best male anime character ever: Zetsubou Sensei / Nozomu Itoshiki. Total people who recognised me: 6 (out of 4800), total photos taken by other people: 2 (thahks!). At least it made approaching other cosplayers for photographs a little easier.

While the screenings were rather lackluster (there's a limit to how much live Death Note one can take) and the attendance on Friday was a bit slow... the other events definitely made up for it. There was a brilliant Iron Chef AMV that was dealt the dreaded 'Rickroll' yet managed to drown the theatre with laughter. There were some really talented artists during the Oztaku Iron Artists as well considering the themes were 'prison', 'suicide' and 'restrained (or something like that)'. My particular favourite was the one 'shitting blood' as it were.

It was good to meet my friend there who was a volunteer. Also managed to show off a bit in the drawing rooms (although I had not been practicing my drawing in over a few months). Took part in the Oztaku 4-panel comic competition and I was supposed to have won a hoodie. Got heaps of manga and another wooden sword too.

I'd say I still enjoyed the event thoroughly and would definitely make it a point to go again next year, preferrably with more people.

Anyway, here's a picture dump for you: some random sketches, partially inspired by Force Unleashed, partially inspired by Negima and some best left unmentioned.

Because someone's birthday is coming up, I should extend my warmest regards while I can remember to. It's been a VERY busy week at work (lots and lots of overtime) and I have forgotten a lot of things so... I hope I'll remember to send the gift early.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

RIP Baroncrovax

Ah, it's been so long hasn't it? I can't even remember what I was talking about the last time.

And now it's time for Manifest 08 again... and I'm utterly unprepared. I haven't been drawing anything in the past... 3 months? Something like that.

Why? There's too many things. Work has kept me perpetually busy and depressed. Add to that the fact that my housemate and good friend had to go b ack to his home country and now new stranger(s) have moved in. It's all quite confronting.

But the biggest thing is that I've just not had any inspiration or motivation. I just lost it all.

So I'm doing a cop-out and uploading some old junk that I was going to upload a few months ago. Among which were sketches from Soul Eater (very fond of Rangarok and Chrona) and a picture of Maka and Soul that I wanted to colour but just couldn't find the time. Ghost girl is partially inspired by something I read in Negima.

Well, I'll try to get some new stuff up. Been hooked onto Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Force Unleashed more recently. Will see if I can get some good ol' Jedi sketches up.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Post-Japan Crunch Madness

Greetings to the two or three people who still bother to read this blog! Howya doing? Sorry I've been so remiss with my blog or my sketching. I'm rather afraid to say that I still owe 1 person a birthday greeting an another an overdue commission!

However there's fairly good reasons for my absence. Since my last post, I've been attending 3 (non-anime) training sessions (some VERY far away), travelled to Japan, celebrated my birthday, finished a TON of assignments, finished a TON(ner?) of work and generally lost all drive or ability to draw. Oh, and I'm currently hooked on Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on the PSP as well as hurting from playing Guitar Hero: On Tour on the DS.

Yeah, that's what happens. However, I must at least highlight the fact that I managed to finally set foot in Japan to visit my mother (no, we're NOT Japanese), not to mention drop by to say 'Hi' to me old and forgotten mate VagaryLoc.

Ah the things in Japan. I still have vivid dreams of being so close to it I could just pop over for the weekend. I have to say that there's great seafood to be had there and I managed to fit in (my stomach) nearly everything I've heard or read about. Truly, it was a food extravaganza.

I did manage to buy numerous figurines (including Eureka from Eureka 7.... SQUEAL! I should have gotten Talho and Haruno Sakura too!), Taiko no Tetsujin (a DS game based on an arcade game my friend likes) and several manga including my beloved Zetsubou Sensei! I was presented with a hakama (Arigato Gozaimasu!) which hopefully will help me come September. I have to say that I was truly surprised at the lack of anime ON PUBLIC TV... or at least at my mum's place. She swears that it's her TV's fault, though. Nevertheless I did manage to catch some promotions on the trip to Akihabara.

Ahhh, Akihabara. There's a million and one references to Lucky Star (and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu) there. There ought to be cosplayers of Konata walking around all day long (we only managed to get there in the late evening). Seriously, that place is kinda like Heaven for me (luckily I missed the crazed stabber, otherwise it WOULD be Heaven for me... literally). I swear that there's just wasn't enough time spent there (although it was great shopping at Hobby Off in Shibata and the food and service in Niigata was exquisite). I should note that I managed to get into the gallery showing the works of Vagabond in Ueno, too. Popped into Animate in Sunshine City.... You know, for a holiday lasting just over a week I have to say I really really enjoyed it. I got a good wakeup on how bad my Japanese was too!

Anyway, today's postings are all just some random sketches. Practice so that I can do better next time. Also, many thanks to XY for sending over that nifty pen. Can you tell which pictures were drawn with it?