Friday, October 10, 2008

Manifest ending has left me in DESPAIR!!!


Yes another Manifest has come and gone. This time I managed to garner the courage to get a costume together of the best male anime character ever: Zetsubou Sensei / Nozomu Itoshiki. Total people who recognised me: 6 (out of 4800), total photos taken by other people: 2 (thahks!). At least it made approaching other cosplayers for photographs a little easier.

While the screenings were rather lackluster (there's a limit to how much live Death Note one can take) and the attendance on Friday was a bit slow... the other events definitely made up for it. There was a brilliant Iron Chef AMV that was dealt the dreaded 'Rickroll' yet managed to drown the theatre with laughter. There were some really talented artists during the Oztaku Iron Artists as well considering the themes were 'prison', 'suicide' and 'restrained (or something like that)'. My particular favourite was the one 'shitting blood' as it were.

It was good to meet my friend there who was a volunteer. Also managed to show off a bit in the drawing rooms (although I had not been practicing my drawing in over a few months). Took part in the Oztaku 4-panel comic competition and I was supposed to have won a hoodie. Got heaps of manga and another wooden sword too.

I'd say I still enjoyed the event thoroughly and would definitely make it a point to go again next year, preferrably with more people.

Anyway, here's a picture dump for you: some random sketches, partially inspired by Force Unleashed, partially inspired by Negima and some best left unmentioned.

Because someone's birthday is coming up, I should extend my warmest regards while I can remember to. It's been a VERY busy week at work (lots and lots of overtime) and I have forgotten a lot of things so... I hope I'll remember to send the gift early.

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