Sunday, April 18, 2010

Victories at Animania, now on to Supanova!

Double victory at Animania again. Actually I wouldn't have won twice if I wasn't 'inspired' to draw again by this girl as I had actually resolved to quit after the themed one. Way to go, principals.

Anyway, this year I will try out Supanova, which has always been too difficult for me to win. My entry is the Zombie Rush picture. This took a bloody long time to draw and colour (a lot of scrapped ideas) and with my bloody eye it didn't help. Hope my printer will let me print it.

Anyway a couple of other pictures including the very androgynous (it's the 'IN' thing now in anime) Hideyoshi Kinoshita and a picture of Giant Kitsu (Chiri not Tane, whom I decalre my new waifu). Realised I haven't drawn a cityscape in a long time. Helped me partially for Animania, anyway.


Anonymous said...

I was trying to clear the spiderwebs forming on ur blog. No updates!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya, keep going.

Gambate!! (im still indebted to you from the Naruto series you gave me some time back)